The role of medical isolation goggles

Medical isolation goggles are mainly used for protection during inspection and treatment in medical institutions, blocking bodily fluids, blood splashes or splashes.

The medical isolation goggles are made of polycarbonate lenses. The goggles have anti-shock, anti-blood splash and other functions. The flat arc frame fits the facial contour well. The temples are equipped with soft pads, which can effectively relieve the wearing of myopia glasses. pressure on the sides of the head. Medical isolation goggles goggles with vinyl frame, easy to bend, can absorb 99% UV (ultraviolet), adjustable headband, vent design, prevent goggle lenses from fogging.

Materials of medical isolation goggles:

1. Materials that can cause skin irritation should not be used in the parts that the wearer touches;

2. The material of the protective part should meet the requirements of its function;

The structure of medical isolation goggles:

1. The surface is smooth, free of burrs, no acute angles or other defects that may cause discomfort to the eyes and face;

2. Has good air permeability;

3. Adjustable parts or structural components should be easy to adjust and replace;