Advantages of the disposable circumcision stapler in use

First: generally no stitches are needed, the disposable circumcision stapler releases the staples to close the incision while cutting under pressure, the density of the staples is sufficient to stop the bleeding and align the incision, generally no silk sutures are needed.
Second: The operation time is short, usually only 5-10 minutes to complete the operation, compared to 30 minutes for traditional surgery, which reduces the patient's pain, tension and anxiety.
Third: The amount of bleeding is minimal, because the disposable circumcision stapler is used to stop bleeding by releasing a staple while circumcision is being performed.
Fourth: the operation does not need to use electric knife electrocoagulation to stop bleeding, traditional circumcision will basically use laser or electric knife, can avoid the operation of electric knife and laser knife may lead to serious post-operative complications.
Fifth: the appearance of neat, beautiful, small postoperative scar, because the traditional surgery requires the use of tissue manually cut foreskin inside and outside the plate, the edge is often not particularly neat, and disposable circumcision stapler circumcision directly using the shape of the mold, will be too long tissue a line, to ensure that the edge of the neat, and the shape of the beautiful, even distribution between the suture staples The incision is perfectly aligned, healing is better, and the postoperative scar is smaller.
Sixth: fast wound recovery, less complications, because of the short operation time and less bleeding, relative to the tissue damage is small, suture staples and more intensive, so the risk of re-bleeding, infection and edema are lower than traditional surgery. 7 days or so suture staples gradually began to fall off, generally 3 weeks to 4 weeks can fall off, only individual patients need to come to the hospital to remove the staples.